We are passionate about software quality & engineered solutions

We are passionate about software quality & engineered solutions. We believe that for far too long in the Information Technology (IT) sector, emphasis has been on development costs rather than product quality. This emphasis has arisen, not because organisations are mean with money, but because a scientific approach to inform business sponsors of risk has not been mainstream in IT. However, in the engineering sector, the specifications of failure probabilities are commonplace.

Stories appear too often in the media about catastrophic software failures inconveniencing or endangering customers. We believe that the primary cause of this is due to business sponsors simply not being aware of the risk of failure because it has (probably) never been presented to them as a percentage (%) value. Typically, only "words" are used to describe the risk of software failure. The problem with this approach is that it is highly subjective & depends as much upon the person receiving the information, as it does upon the person sending it. Imagine if a drug company released experimental cures based upon the concept of "it should be fine", rather than statistically meaningful clinical trials; how ready would you be to give these drugs to your children ?

At Testimation, we want to change things ......
When risk is presented as a probability (%) of failure, human reaction to this information is far more sober than when it is presented in qualitative forms only. If your IT providers or procurement advisers are giving you "words" & not numbers, then you should turn to US. "Words" are easy to produce, they require little effort & one does not need to be an expert to "talk" (e.g. sales people); but only experts will give you hard numbers from the application of engineering methodologies.

If your software development estimates are being delivered to you without the number of tests being specified, or without the probability (%) of finding defects being expressed with hard numbers, then you are playing Russian roulette & you may need to re-define success throughout the Project Life-Cycle to make it appear to stakeholders that you have delivered successfully; this occurs far more commonly than you may realise. However, with our tools & services, you can design the quality assurance strategy that suits your budget & time constraints, with confidence that you're aware of the risk & the potential impact upon your customers, users & business.

What's wrong with Software Development ?

  • Is your Software Development Team qualified ? .... Are they Real Engineers, or just titled 'Engineer' by your department ?

  • Software is a manufactured product, it does not occur naturally. How many of your team are University educated in Statistical Quality Control Techniques ?

  • People have been manufacturing products for thousands of years, yet the commercial IT-Industry is barely decades old. Don't you think that the IT-Industry can learn a few things from the manufacturing sector ?

  • When was the last time your car did not start ? ..... Now compare this to the frequency you encounter Software Defects: this is very telling.

  • Which is the greater achievement: placing a man upon the moon with very little computing power, or developing the Software to run your business ?